Fight Cellulite Fast With Only One Yoga Pose

You’re not sure when or how that happened, but you seem to have the “orange bark” on your thighs and butt? Fortunately, there is an excellent, cheap and healthy way to get back smooth, firm and tight skin – yoga.

Besides being useful for relaxation, yoga is proven to help in the fight against cellulite. Studies at Harvard University have shown that yoga is the most effective way to improve lymph flow, to remove toxins and reduce fluid retention.

Yoga brings increased flexibility, the skin becomes more elastic and radiant, make muscles be stronger and more defined, and all this affects on the general condition of the body, which really becomes younger and more vital. In addition, yoga improves all body muscles and strengthens the immune system.

From the few poses of yoga that are good for melting cellulite, this is the most effective:

– Take a position of narrow gap.
– Put your hands on your hips, bend your right leg in your knees and lift it up.
– Slightly moving, push the fifth to the back 20 times.
– When you are done with lifting your heel upward, hold your right hand to the right wrist ankle.
– Pull your leg up as far as you can, and at the same time lift the upper part of your body and your left arm up.
– Stay in that position for twenty seconds, taking care of proper breathing.
– Deep rhythmic breathing while you are in that position stimulates the hormonal balance and brings more oxygen to the body, which is necessary for fat burning.
– Return to the initial position and repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Every day, practice this exercise for about 20 minutes to fix the visible condition. If you can,t do it every day, exercise at least 20 minutes three times a week. It can be combined with other yoga poses.

For the best effect, combine yoga with running and strength training (preferably squats and lunges. You must do the exercise as calmly as possible, slowly and more concentrated. The results are visible within a month.

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