The Easiest Exercise For Amazing Belly: You Need Only Two Weeks

For a straight stomach, you don’t have to be tormented and do an infinite number of ‘hated’ sit-ups. Namely, we found the easiest exercise to achieve flat stomach, and best of all, fitness experts claim it is also more effective than so severe abdominal. The ‘secret’ of this exercise called an sit-up sucking cannot be simpler – you just have to breathe properly.

In this exercise, with the breathing you activate and strengthen the deepest abdominal muscles so you are doing contractions simply.

If you do this exercise properly, you will strengthen the entire central part of the body and stabilize your spine, which will remove the pain from the lower back and improve your posture. This technique of deep breathing and ‘sucking’ the air from the belly is part of pilates and yoga, but you can work it apart from these types of exercise.

As soon as you wake up (it would be ideal on an empty stomach and while you’re still in bed) lie back with your knees bent and then put your feet on your mattress. Breathe in, then breathe deeply and pull your belly so tightly as if you want to ‘cling’ to the spine. The more you suck your stomach, the stronger the contraction and the effectiveness of this movement will be.

Hold the belly suck for 15 seconds for a start, and as you progress, prolong the duration of the strokes for up to 60 seconds, taking a shallow breaths as needed. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

When you are ready for a tougher version of ‘sucking’ your belly, practice your exercise by sitting on your knees and palms, sitting right on a chair or on a pillates ball.

After a certain time of exercising, you will be able to keep your stomach squeezed while you are sitting or standing through the all day.

If you do this the easy exercise for flat stomachs regularly, eat healthy food and do your usual training, you’ll see and feel the results in two weeks.

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