Build Your Best Body Ever With Kettlebells

If you’ve been eyeballing those quirky, cannon ball looking weights at the gym, but still haven’t tried them, I hope this will convince you to give them a try.

Kettlebells workouts are the quickest and most effective way to burn calories, shed fat, and build muscle. With this week’s  kettlebell workout, you’ll recruit multiple muscles during each exercise. The more muscles you use to perform an exercise, the more calories you burn. Also, this kettlebell workout is performed in a circuit, meaning you’ll move quickly from one exercise to the next, so your heart rate stays elevated. Not only are you torching more calories, but you’re building muscle. High intensity strength training with kettlebells maximizes your efforts, giving you quicker results in far less time. Win-win!

So if you are like me and don’t have hours a day to train and workout, but want to look like you train for hours (and look amazing in those skinny jeans!), kettlebells are the answer.

By doing kettlebell workouts like the one below, you can also quickly build endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, and aerobic capacity faster than traditional weight training or long cardio activity like the treadmill and elliptical. So what are you waiting for? Grab some kettlebells and let’s go!

Build Your Best Body, Fat Blasting, Muscle Building Kettlebell Workout

Do this routine in a circuit which means you do the first exercise and then keep moving on to the next until you’ve reached the end. Then it’s time to repeat! Make sure you do a few minutes of warmup (light jog in place, leg kicks, arm circles, etc.) and a few minutes of cool down/stretching at the end. Modifications are posted in the picture descriptions and if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

– Side Lunge with Press – 10 each side

– Pushup and Row – 10 each side

– Swings – 30

– Alternate leg dead lift – 10 each side

– Sumo Squat and Upright Row – 15

– Single Arm Swings – 30

– Half get up – 10 each side

Rest for 60 seconds

Repeat 2x

Side Lunge And Press
Starting with the kettlebell in your left hand, take a big step to your right as you lower your body into a side lunge and bring your kettlebell near your right foot. Don’t allow your left foot to raise off the floor. Don’t allow your torso to slump forward and do not round your lower back. Push yourself back up to starting position as you press the kettlebell overhead. Repeat for the prescribed reps and then switch sides.

Push up And Row
Get into a push up position with your feet out wide. Set the kettlebell beside your right shoulder. Place your right hand on the kettlebell and the other hand on the floor. Do a complete push up. In the up position, lift your right elbow toward the ceiling until that elbow passes your torso. Lower the kettlebell and repeat. Do the prescribed reps and then switch sides. Modified easier version: Get on your knees and do modified push ups with rows.

Kettlebell Swings
Grab a kettlebell with both hands and stand with your feet wide. Bend at your hips and knees and swing the kettlebell between your legs. Keeping your arms straight, thrust your hips forward, straighten your knees and swing the kettlebell to your chest as you rise to standing position. Keep swinging the kettlebell back and forth for the prescribed reps.

Alternate Leg Dead Lift
Hold a kettlebell in your right hand. Keeping your back straight, lean forward from your hips until your body and left leg are almost parallel to the floor. At the same time as you are lifting your leg, bring the kettlebell down towards your right foot. Lift your opposite arm for balance, if needed. Return to starting position. Repeat for the prescribed reps and then switch sides. Modified easier version: Hold the kettebell with both hands instead of just one hand and lower the weights towards the floor.

Sumo Squat To Upright Row
Grab a kettlebell and position your feet with your toes pointed out to the sides and feet very wide apart. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Immediately stand back up as you lift the kettlebell to your chest. Repeat for the prescribed reps.

Single Arm Kettlebell Swings
Grab a kettlebell with your right hand and swing it in between your legs. Do not round your lower back. As you swing the weight back up to your chest, switch arms mid air. Your left hand should now be swinging the kettlebell in between your legs. Swing it back up and switch arms. Keep alternating back and forth between arms.

Half Get Up
Lie on your back with your kettlebell in your right hand, arm stretched up towards the ceiling. Bend your right knee. Leave your arm stretched toward the ceiling throughout the entire move. Brace your core using your left arm to press up, curl your upper body up. Lower back down and repeat for the prescribed reps then switch sides. This is a difficult move, so if it’s too hard, ditch the weight. If it’s still too hard, grab your right hamstring with your right hand to help you curl up.


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