Foods That Will Make Stretch Marks Less Visible

Stretch marks may not be a serious health risk, but they are embarrassing. They appear most frequently on the abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks, and upper arms when skin expands rapidly due to weight gain or pregnancy. Stretch marks will come when connective tissues stretch beyond their flexibility.

Foods That Will Make Stretch Marks Less Visible

Stretch marks form in the middle layer of the skin. At first, they may be purple or red in color, but they eventually fade to a silvery white. Regardless of their hue, no one wants them around.

This is going to be in two part — 1) foods that you should eat to get rid of stretch marks, and 2) foods that you can apply on your body (not eat), to remove stretch marks. Let’s take this journey together to see these foods and how they work their wonders.

1. Foods To Eat To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

– Foods That Are Rich In Vitamins: Vitamin C aids in skin collagen formation, vitamin A aids in the development of skin cells, and vitamin E helps the body regenerate vitamin C. These three vitamins together, help to fight off development of new stretch marks and promote the healing of current ones.

Example of foods that are rich in these vitamins are: Vitamin C — carrots, sweet potatoes and blueberries; Vitamins A and E — milk, cheese, avocados and sunflower seeds.

– Foods That Are Rich In Zinc: Collagen is the connective protein that holds your skin together. Zinc is very vital in the formation of this mineral, so if we are looking to fight off and prevent stretch marks, we should increase our daily intake of Zinc-rich foods. Zinc in common meats such as fish and turkey.

– Protein-rich foods: also are very good for restoring skin cells. Foods such as eggs and white meat (chicken and turkey) are very good sources.

Foods That Will Make Stretch Marks Less Visible

2. Foods Used On The Skin To Fight Off Stretch Marks

– Lemon exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and it’s also a natural bleaching agent. Cut a fresh lemon and squeeze the juice and massage it onto the affected areas. Leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes, before rinsing with warm water. Repeat the lemon remedy every day until the stretch marks are completely lightened.

– Potato juice is rich in minerals and vitamins. It promotes restoration and growth of skin cells. Cut thick slices of a medium-sized potato. Take one of the potato slices and rub gently on the stretch marks for a few minutes. When the juice gets dried, wash the affected area with lukewarm water.

– Egg whites: Eggs are high in protein and according to clinical studies protein are excellent in dealing with stubborn stretch marks. To do this, remove the white part from the egg, slightly batter the egg white using a fork and apply a substantial amount of egg white onto affected areas of your skin. Leave it dry and rinse it with water. Then, moisturize the area with olive oil. Do this at least thrice a day.

Have you tried any of these home remedies for stretch marks? Tell us which one worked best for you!

Foods That Will Make Stretch Marks Less Visible
Foods That Will Make Stretch Marks Less Visible

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