5 Moves To Get The Perfect Butt


Big butt, small butt, round butt or a flat butt – there are many different shapes. Nothing is sexier than a nice booty. Just ask any man or woman. Not only does a nice butt look good in a killer pair of jeans, but it means we are strong and athletic. We may never have the butt of Kim or J.Lo, but we can all have a beautifully toned butt that we are proud to rock in bikini, jeans or a little black dress.

To get the perfect butt you need to work all your gluteus muscles and your legs. While losing weight might help improve your butt, women often carry fat in their butts. Lose too much fat and you might get a flat butt.

But most of all, it comes down to genetics. Even if you didn’t win the genetics jackpot, you can still have a sculpted, strong perfect butt that looks amazing.

These are short and effective trainings that you can perform in your home, It takes only a few minutes per day and a good will to not give up.

Of course, if you are persistent, the effects will be more visible and better. It is a combination of a few simple exercises that you can easily perform without professional assistance.

This exercise requires a certain condition, so it is best to warm up before you start, otherwise you run the risk of getting injured and throwing your results out the window.

For a detailed explanation of these exercises and how to implement them, see this video.

5 Moves To Get The Perfect Butt
5 Moves To Get The Perfect Butt

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