The Amazing Goji Is What Your Body Need

You might have heard of goji berries and their health benefits. But do they live up these claims? Their history as a medicinal plant has roots in ancient China. Many people use this kind of berries to treat eye, liver, and kidney ailments. Also known as wolfberries, these festive red berries have a sweet, slightly-sour taste and often come in dried form, like raisins.

 The Amazing Goji Is What Your Body Need

Nutritional information

Dried goji berries contain calories, carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, sugar and protein. The minerals and vitamins found in goji berries include sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, polysaccharides, betaine, and peptidoglycans.

A single 4 ounce serving provides nearly 10 percent of your daily value for protein. For fruit, this is a surprising amount of protein. The carbohydrates in berries are also complex carbs. This means your blood sugar will raise slowly, reducing your risk of a sugar crash afterwards.

Health benefits of Goji Berries

Diabetes Control: One of the major health benefits of consuming goji berries is that it can help in controlling diabetes. Recent studies suggest that the fruit extracts of goji berries possess considerable hypoglycaemic properties. Studies also indicate that using goji berries to control diabetes will yield no negative side effects.

The Amazing Goji Is What Your Body Need

Cardiovascular Protection: They can act as a protective measure, as it contains anti-oxidant chemicals that can protect the heart from the attack of free radicals. Recent studies have noted significant free radical scavenging in the heart by goji berry extracts.

Increased testosterone: One study in rats showed that goji berries significantly:

– increased sperm quantity and movement
– shortened erection, capture, and ejaculation response
– improved sexual ability
– improved recovery of testosterone levels
Research suggests that this berries may be an alternative to prescription for erectile dysfunction like Viagra.

Skin protection: The exposure of the skin to UV radiation can result in skin damage and skin cancer in extreme cases. We can reduce this risk by consuming this kind of berries. Goji berry extracts can protect our skin from damage caused by UV radiation. Studies have shown that this berries significantly reduce skin inflammation and immune suppression. The antioxidant potential in goji berries has been attributed to this action.

The Amazing Goji Is What Your Body Need
The Amazing Goji Is What Your Body Need

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