5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Go For A Run Today

Everyone knows that running is a great way to get into shape, but did you know that it can benefit almost every part of your body, as well as lift your mood? Running is incredibly effective at making you healthier in a number of ways. While it may not be everybody’s favorite form of exercise, knowing what it can do for your life just may make you look at running in an entirely new light.

Every individual has his own physical needs for exercise according to his age and body size, but it is suggested that a 15 minutes jog, 5 times a week is enough to keep you fit.

Now let’s get started with the benefits of running, which we can bet would make you hit the road.

5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Go For A Run Today

1. The brain will work better

Feel-good brain chemicals and hormones are released when you run, helping to ease stress and anxiety and treat depression. In addition, your risk of dementia and stroke falls as brain circulation is kept healthy. Concentration, memory and motivation sharpen and sleep improves, too.

2. Prevent Disease

There is up to a 20 percent reduction in the risk of developing breast cancer in regular runners. If you have had breast cancer, then running regularly can reduce the risk of it recurring by as much as 40 percent.

3. Lose weight

What else could be a better way to burn all those fats other than running? The formula of running is quiet simple:

Choose running for losing weight rather than choosing other vigorous exercises. Not only you can lose weight by running but if you have met your target weight you can maintain it by following the above mentioned formula. But still it does not mean that if you are running you have got the license to eat as much as you want, and whatever you want. A balanced diet along with running will give you significant results.

5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Go For A Run Today

4. Boost Your Confidence

Not all of the benefits of running are physical. Running can provide an noticeable boost to your confidence and self-esteem. By setting and achieving goals, you can help give yourself a greater sense of empowerment that will leave you feeling much happier.

5. Relieve Stress

Stress can actually cause a number of health and mood problems. It can also diminish appetite and sleep quality. When you run, you force your body to exert excess energy and hormones. Running also helps to reduce your chances of developing tension headaches.

5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Go For A Run Today
5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Go For A Run Today

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