Magical Tea Mixture For Fast Weight Loss

There is a “magic” potion that will help you on your way to the perfect figure. However, you need to take care of what and how much you eat, but the results will be faster than usual! This tea guarantees slimmer waistline in just a few weeks, and for the preparation you need only three ingredients that combined real “miracle”. It is about green tea, cinnamon and bay leaf.

Green tea helps us shed unwanted kilos by helping to: Increase our metabolism (burn more calories throughout the day). Increase our body’s ability to burn fat (fat oxidation).

Cinnamon is rich in manganese, iron, calcium and fiber and is used from centuries to improve digestion, prevent nausea, bloating and diarrhea. Studies have shown that cinnamon consists of “cinnulin”, which is known to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and causes fat mass loss.

Bay leaves have many health benefits, they are good at detoxify the body, help with the wound healing and also good for your skin health. They have notable plant-derived compounds, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc , copper and manganese, all of them provide a wide range of benefits for your overall health, one of which is their benefits for aiding weight loss naturally.

Magical Tea Mixture For Fast Weight Loss


– 700 ml water
– cinnamon stick
– 2 bay leaves
– Green tea (dried mixture)

This amount is sufficient for 3 cups or one day consummation.


Leave the water on the stove until it boils. Then fill it with cinnamon stick, 2 bay leaves and a tablespoon of green tea. Cover, leave at least 10 minutes to rest, then strain. After this your drink is ready for use!

The first results are visible after seven days, and best of all, this effective mixture will help you to get rid of fat from the places that are most focused. The perfect moment for drinking this elixir for weight loss is in the morning. But this is only at the beginning, because you need to drink two cups during the day – one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Magical Tea Mixture For Fast Weight Loss
Magical Tea Mixture For Fast Weight Loss

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